EZUSB FX2LP communication spped

Started by Unknown November 9, 2006
Hi out there,

I am trying to build a device that reads data for a error measurements
as fast as possible. I want to read data from the FX2s GPIF and send it
to a host PC. Now I have my first test hardware an I am able to
transfer data with app. 2,5 MB/s using endpoint 6 with 512 Byte packet
size and double buffering. I read data with an external clock of 40
MHz. Data packets are sent by the internal logic automatically using
the bytecount register. Is there any possibility to speed up the
device? What about external memory buffers? I think that reading data
to the fifos will be much faster than sending data to the PC. So what
do I have to do to speed up my system and transfer data with higher
speeds? 10MB/s would be very nice ;-)

Thank you for your answers