wavecom gr64 blues

Started by adams10 March 21, 2007
Having problems with gr64 transition from gr47
I design primary cell battery powered equipment large volume and have had
nothing but trouble moving to the wavecom gr64 below have been my issues
1) Power supply -Power requirements are much more challenging than gr47
I no it's class10 not class8 but even so after changing in firmware still
is not as easy as gr47 had to do mental gymnastics to overcome and did.
2) Antenna issues -Much more picky read peaky with antenna selection if
vswr or resonant frequency slightly wrong it hammers power supply not like
gr47 was very tollerant.
3) Firmware, documentation and support from wavecom all very bad 
4) Code transition from gr47 to gr64 required much more work than expected
and now latest issue is tcp/ip binding for telstra fails but all good for
optus and vodaphone ?????