JTAGEICE MKII using ISP on debugWIRE target

Started by Mori May 16, 2007
>The JTAGICE Mk II supports programming through JTAG and Debugwire. >It does not support ISP except to handle the Debugwire enable fuse bits. >Since you cannot set/clear all fuse/lock bits through Debugwire, you >have to switch between the JTAGICE Mk II and an ISP cable. > >This is annoying at best, and the AVR Studio development team >has a fix to allow ISP on the JTAGICE Mk II very high on their priority >list. > >The only ATmega parts affected by this is really the ATmega48/88/168. >The rest have JTAG or lack OCD completely.
>-- >Best Regards >Ulf at atmel dot com > >
This was posted in 2004. When will Atmel have a fix?