Using Atmel AT45DB642D Data Flash

Started by Marius Hancu June 20, 2007

Perhaps Mr. Samuelsson of Atmel or others could comment on this:

Our programmers are telling me re:  a
system which is supposed to use AT45DB642D data flash
(with an MSP430)

About the flash memory. I am in the process of writing the driver for it.

I saw an interesting thing ... the clock supplied to the memory is not
continuous. It's the SPI clock which is active only when sending smth
from the MCU.

In order to get a response from the flash memory [i.e. to perform a
read] we need to supply the clock ... the solution I saw was to send
first dummy characters in order to clock the device.

I wonder:

Is this a reasonable approach?

If not, would you know  of any such drivers being posted somewhere?

Marius Hancu