LCD controller setting.

Started by JY Kim June 28, 2007
I am developing with samsung 2410 and currently activating LCD.
Now LCD works somehow but not perpectly.
The problem is that I have coded LCD to toggle between red and white
and lower 1/3 of LCD displays opposite color.
When upper 2/3 displays red, lower 1/3 displays white. vice versa.
Typical dot clock of LCD module is 24.5Mhz, but I am driving LCD with
12M dot clock for unavoidable reason.
For this, I guess parameter like VBP, VFP, HBP, HFP, though I have
entered numbers specified in LCD module datasheet, should be changed.
Besides, there is another parameters like VSPW(vertical sync pulse
width), HSPW(horizontal sync pulse width) which is specified in LCD
datasheet not by number, but by timing diagram and these parameters
are also required by lcd controller.
Please anybody let me know which parameter should be changed.