The Problem about bluetooth(SPP) connected with MCU

Started by lingqu7852 July 20, 2007
I try to use the Bluetooth modules (Spp) to connect my device and PC
through RS232 and Uart.
My device was based on Mega128.

The wireless connect was established.
And the data translation between PC's serials with wireless method  was
completed .

But Now, there are some problem 

When I send the data from MCU to PC through Bluetooth modules.
for example
if   "8F 7F 50 7F 7F" be sent.
then "8F FD 7F" or"8F"or"8F 7F FD"   will be received on the PC from the
serial connecting with Bluetooth Module. 

The Uart's settings :
Baud Rate: 9600, StopBits: 1, Parity: Even,

How could I to get the right data?