EDK =>"Virtex4_PPC_Example_9_1" on ubuntu, not able to change LEDs blinking through minicom hyperterminal

Started by N.V. Chandramouli August 4, 2007
we are trying to run the "Virtex4_PPC_Example_9_1" example program
(that came along with the EDK9.1.2 kit) that has TestInterrupt.c
routine (timer interrupt driving the LEDs and UART interface
displaying the status.)

"We are able to see LEDs flashing on the board but not able to speed
up or slow down the clock using the 'f' , 's' inputs through the
hyperterminal,  which we are expected to do through the hyperterminal.

we have installed the EDK9.1i on ubuntu 2.6.17 , and installed the
drivers for parallel port , "windrvr6" and "xpc4drvr" and  able to
update the bitstream on XPS.

We are also able to establish the connection to the virtex-4 Fx12 LC
development board, (the message log says so. ) but we are getting an
error message mentioning the following, which we could not google out

"INFO:iMPACT:501 - '1': Added Device xc4vfx12 successfully.
Version is 1111
'2': : Manufacturer's ID =Xilinx xcf08p, Version : 15
INFO:iMPACT:1777 -
   Reading /opt/Xilinx91i/xcfp/data/xcf08p.bsd...
INFO:iMPACT:501 - '1': Added Device xcf08p successfully.
Elapsed time =      0 sec.
Elapsed time =      0 sec.
ERROR:iMPACT:1062 - Can only assign files to devices between positions
1 to 2

we opened the  "impact" through command prompt and tried to configure
the bitstream, by selecting various combination of  the
"download.bit" , "system.bit",
, the  "TestInterrupt.elf "
  "system_bd.bmm" and "system.bmm".

It will be great if some one can through us some ideas as to what
could have gone wrong, or if some one has implemented that example on
ubuntu and virtex-4 successfully.

thanks and regards