Info About "PearlBlue" Bluetooth Add-On ? App Articles ? Projects ?

Started by Blackwater August 16, 2007
Has anyone come across any magazine articles, web pages or
anything else about someone using the Emxys "PearlBlue" 
bluetooth add-on for an embedded project ? All my web search
found was the product announcement junk, six+ months old.
You'd think SOMEONE would be using the things by now. 

I've got one - to be mated to a Rabbit so it can speak to
SmartPhones and PDAs. Still, it would be better if someone
smarter than I had already went through the excercise and
got the thing mated to SOMETHING. 

I also bought a uIceBlue - with a programmable PIC already
built onto the module. They didn't mention you need a PIC
ICE dohickey to program it though  :-) 

But todays project revolves around the PearlBlue.

Any info helpful.