ChipHit ASIC, FPGA, EDA Search Engine

Started by ted August 17, 2007

I debated putting this announcement here, however, if you are doing
ASIC, or FPGA embedded design, this might be of help.

I recently created a Google custom search engine called ChipHit at  Please take a look and provide suggestions.

I spend many hours a day searching the internet for ASIC, FPGA, and
EDA tool topics as I am ASIC/FPGA applications engineer. Frequently,
when searching, I would come across results from Google that would
require significant digging to get to the "right" answer. It was very
frustrating. One day I was searching for a particular topic and came
across a feature of Google that allows you to customize the Google
search engine by telling the engine to only search specific sites. So,
I started populating the engine with a few sites, and quickly realized
that this could be valuable to more than just me. I went home, bought
the ChipHit domain name and bought some space on a web hosting
service, and began madly customizing the Google search engine.

So, the next time you are searching for an ASIC, FPGA, or EDA topic,
why not check out