Wiggler with OCD Commander and WRT54GL

Started by romar_mro August 30, 2007

I am trying to use MacCraigor's OCD Commander (different versions: 2.2.9,
2.3.7 and 2.5.6) with a wiggler-clone JTAG interface (based on that
works fine with hairydairymaid (HDM) 4.8 with the /wiggler option (however
only after making TDO available on both pins 11 and 13 of the DB25, cause'
HDM is checking SELECT and not BUSY). OCD Commander does not complain
about not finding the cable but while HDM is able to put the CPU in RESET
and halt it, OCD Commander's RESET and HALT commands take a while and
finally end in error "processor running". I was wondering if other people
have experience with OCD Commander, wiggler and WRT54GL and could give
some advice on what's wrong. My personal suspicion is that the Broadcom
5132 MIPS core is not supported or OCD Commander's JTAG 2.5 protocol is
incompatible with Broadcom's 2.0 JTAG implementation. Also very helpful
would be a software tool allowing to sniff/trace the parallel port
handshakes - similar to the "parallel port oscilloscope
( but working on Windows XP SP2. I've
tried, to no avail, PPOSC and sysinternals' portmon. They do not seem to
capture anything that happens on ports 0x378 and 0x379.


Romar Mro