Wireless USB Bridge

Started by Tom Lucas September 12, 2007
I've just bought a Humax Digital Video Recorder and it has a USB 2.0 
interface to allow saved films to be copied onto a PC. However, it is 
upstairs in my living room and my PC is in the basment and I don't want 
to run a cable down there.

Humax's PC software will only work with a USB port so it would need to 
be a USB to USB link. Although, thinking about it, it is possible that 
the Humax might appear as a mass storage device so I might not be tied 
to their software. Does there exist a device which will allow me to 
access the Humax's USB port wirelessly?

I've thought about possibly a print server but the data on them seems to 
only talk about printers and it's a bit sketchy whether one would be