Compulab Transfer Problems - ENC-X270

Started by deanpask April 13, 2008
Hi all,

I am new to the embedded world and have recently purchased an ENC-X270
(SBC-X270 + CM-X270).

After some time I managed to get a CE 5.0 image onto the system.

My problem is I want to transfer files on the 270 from a PC.

I have tried a couple of methods:

1, Via a USB drive, the issue here is only one of the two USB ports
appears to work? (therefore if I input a drive I will have no
keyboard/mouse/touchscreen). You can make the non-working drive host/slave
but this makes no difference!!

2, Connecting through Ethernet, I can ping from both the 270 and PC but
can't see a way of transferring files?

3, Using active sync, but this for some reason will not find any devices?

This is driving me crazy, anyone have any ideas?