ARM922t:- Invalid CPU Mode

Started by raajesh.n April 22, 2008

I am working on ARM 922t, when I am trying to debug a small code say
"hello world", I am getting Invalid CPU Mode debugger error upon doing
single step debugging , I am using H-JTAG RDI interface.

I have few Queries too..,

(a) The customized board which I am using says to use MULTI ICE JTAG , but
I am using winggler JTAG interface with H-JTAG RDI server!, can this create
a problem?

(b) I have intilized DDR RAM before I made my program to execute from RAM,
It is loading but upon executing single step debugging it goes into
continues execution mode without coming out of single step after executing,
I am facing this strange problem!.

can any help me out, what would be the exact nature of the problem which I
am facing, where things may have possibly have gone wrong!

Best Regards,