Apple-I Software compatible system on Spartan3 starter kit

Started by N S January 3, 2009
Hi, all.

I build an Apple-I clone on the Spartran3 starter kit,
and placed it on my web site.

The all logics are written with SFL, but you can convert to verilog
with my tool (sfl2vl) on the above site.

The archive includes
logic files under SFL folder
Xilinx UCF and BMM and MEM files and BIT file under Xilinx folder
and readme.txt (attached bellow).

Unlike Apple-I it uses serial console for terminal in/out.
It has 4kbyte ram and 256byte rom implemented with BRAM.

I hope you will enjoy the oldies machine running 25 times faster
on an FPGA :-)

Naohiko Shimizu/IP ARCH, Inc.

Apple-I Software Compatible System (AISoCS)

Copyright (c) 2009 IP ARCH, Inc. All rights reserved.

This archive is an Apple-I Software Compatible System logic files
for Xilinx Spartan-3 Starter kit.

How to use these files?

Fast path:
Run iMPACT and download ap1.bit downto SP3 starter kit.

Full path:
1 install sfl2vlwin (20090101 version or later).
2 download sfl2vl.dat license file and put it on C:\Windows.
3 run sfl2vl from start menu of Windows.
4 drag ap1.sfl in the SFL folder into the file box of sfl2vl.
5 click 'convert.'

Now you will get ap1.v for Xilinx ISE.

6 Create new project on ISE for Spartan3 XC3S200 FT256
7 Designate design files
8 Make programming file
9 download it to Spartan3 starter kit.
10 connect the kit and your PC with serial strait cable
11 start some terminal emulator software (like TeraTermPRO) with com port.
12 Enjoy your Apple-I life.


The included files are followings:

ap1.bit Ready to Impact bit file.
ap1.ucf Project User Constraints File for Spartan-3 Starter kit
woz.mem Apple-I monitor memory dump
mcell.bmm BRAM implementation file

alu65.sfl m65 alu
ap1.sfl AISoCS system top
ap1system.sfl board image
dec7seg.h module prototype
dec7seg.sfl 7seg led decoder for hexdecimal
inc16.sfl m65 16bit incrementer
m65.sfl m65 cpu
mem.sfl memory for AAISoCS (rom/ram)
model.h m65 cpu model
serial. module prototypeh
serial_clkfix.sfl baud rate clock generator for 25MHz clock
serial_in.sfl Serial in module
serial_out.sfl Serial out module

You will be able to find some Apple-I Operation Manual on the net.
The AISoCS is software compatible with Apple-I. Therefore you can use
the manual to run your programs.


Naohiko Shimizu/IP ARCH, Inc.

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