Help needed for 68HC11E processor external memory interface

Started by gaurimahajan_21 December 14, 2005
Mahajan, Gauri (IE03x) wrote:
> Hi Mike!
> Thanks a lot for your valuable advise! After your mail, we turned our
> focus in that direction and on Friday came to the conclusion that this
> is the only possibility. Till that time we tried each and every option

[.... We ascertained that the]

> ROMON bit was enabled. So it was executing from internal memory. We just
> disabled that and we could execute our test program in expanded mode
> from external flash. Actually, this chip was custom part and was
> supposed to have no internal ROM memory.


> Thanks a lot again!!

Glad to be of service. It's always hard to figure out what's wrong
with one's program when it isn't actually the one being executed!


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