EVBU, E1, External EEPROM, and an Exhausted Engineer

Started by ChuckP98 April 4, 2007
Hello to All:
For those of you who are having problems getting EEPROM to work,
the following, if it fits your scheme of things, is a solution.
If the memory you are using has pinouts that match, swap the RAMs
and /or EEPROM for NVRAMs. No overlays, delays, byte or page writing
involved. They work like SRAM and hold data like EEPROM. The upper
half of my memory is a 32Kx8, 70nS NVRAM from DigiKey. The
Dallas /Maxim website has datasheets.
At $30 each they are a bit pricey for production boards; for
prototyping boards they are excellent.
Bill harris, Riverside CA