Re: Problems with olimex (wiggler) jtag and olimex

Started by Stephen Pelc November 23, 2005
From: haare_in_der_dusche <haare_in_der_dusche@haar...>

> Oh man! I swear I saw references to OCD Commander working on
> Win2K and XP, maybe in Jim Lynch's eclipse tutorial? I thought
> it was just a system speed issue. I wanted to follow the Olimex
> recommendation for Rowley, but this is a hobby for me and Rowley
> isn't wife-friendly expense-wise. I'll see if I can dig up a
> really old system from somewhere. I hope Olimex comes up with
> the rumored affordable usb-jtag soon.

We became so tired of Wigglers that we did our own USB JTAG unit
for ARMs. See

It's worked first time and reliably on every Olimex board we've
plugged into it. Note that it is as much for hardware bring up
as for Flash programming.

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