Re: LPC2148 identifyed as a LPC2138 ?

Started by jayasooriah January 13, 2006
Aplogise for the delayed response ...

--- In lpc2000@lpc2..., Robert Adsett <subscriptions@a...>
> Nicely put. I was referring to the DMCA (on which there has
> been many articles). Purely U.S. of course but I have heard
> rumors of some countries considering it as a template for
> their own laws.

DCMA did not enter my mind. If you look at the law as it stands, it
has very specific exclusions in relation to research.

> I seem to recall that there was one well known security
> researcher that left the field because of it.

However, as is the case in any law, it is subject to abuse by those
who will do anything to make more money. It is possible the Professor
did cross the thin line between open-ended research and targeted
exploitation of security technology deployed by a particular
organisation or individual.

I had a look at the site you referred to, and skimming through the
issues, a lot of the fuss seems to be that the law is being applied
incorrectly. I suspect when decisions of the Courts sets precedence,
this law will prove to be a winner in the long run for all.


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