LPC2148 SSP FIFO manipulation

Started by deliconn February 7, 2006
I am using the SSP on the LPC2148 as a buffered SPI interface to a
custom CPLD design.  I love the FIFO for transactions where I only
need to write to the CPLD.  But when I need to read from it, I find
that I need to do a full buffer flush with 8 read of SSPDR for before
I execute my read.  This seems like such a waste.  

Is there an easier way to flush the FIFO?  Is there a way to have
access to the data just read, like a 'RAWSSPDR' register?  

Without a fast simple way to clear the buffer, it almost defeats the
point of having one if two way communication is needed.



An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series