Re: LPC3000

Started by Marko Pavlin home February 16, 2006

I just came from Nnberg. Philips demonstrated development board with 
Linux. There was also atmel with ARM9.

Just two photos...

Rod Moffitt wrote:

> I don't think a higher end device like this would
benefit those currently
> designing with the LPC2K series devices. This is because ARM9 devices
> typically don't contain Flash, and sometimes no RAM for that matter. They
> are usually targeted for full-featured OSs (Linux, VxWorks, etc.) that 
> can
> take advantage of the caches, MMU, etc.. They also have much higher pin
> counts (and more often than not are only available in BGA).
> A good example is the ARM9200 from Atmel (which although is available 
> in a
> super large 208 pin PQFP it contains no Flash so it is not suitable 
> for my
> designs which don't have the board space, cost or design time budget to
> add external Flash and SRAM/SDRAM).
> Don't get me wrong, I am very much looking forward to seeing what Philips
> can do with ARM9, yet it won't be your typically LPC2K part. However in
> the future (probably not near, mind you) we could see super SoC ARM9
> devices with 1MB of Flash and RAM, or more - how many designers 5 years
> ago were dreaming of 32 bit RISC with 1/2MB Flash and 64KB RAM on chip,
> and now that is a reality thanks to Philips, Atmel and others???

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