Erasing external Flash

Started by nagarkarajay March 2, 2006

My setup:
Phytec LPC2294 development board 
IDE - Crossstudio
JTAG for debugging
Flash Chips (AMD/Spansion 29LV320) mapped at 0x80000000. 

My issue:
The code is on the external SRAM (0x81000000). Whenever I erase the 
flash chips using the commands given in the datasheet (AA at 555, 55 
at 2AA, 80 at 555, 55 at 2AA , 10 at 555), I can see the chip erase 
(0xFF) in the memory window when I step run the program. I reset it 
and bring it back to read mode. Now this being a Flash memory I 
assume that this chip remains erased. However the next time I start 
debugging I can see some data on the chip.
	Has someone seen this issue before?
What am I missing ?
Any thoughts?


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series