Re: spurious interrupts on LPC

Started by 42Bastian Schick March 15, 2006
Jayasooriah schrieb:
> 1/  Is this spurious interrupt problem an error in LPC implementation of 
> VIC or is it an error in ARM Primecell VIC specifications itself?
> 2/  Can you tell us if there are any other ARM cores with VIC that also 
> suffer from spurious interrupts problem that the LPC suffers from?

The Atmel AIC has the same problem.

And though I just start using it the ST STR7 EIC also.

If an interrupt request needs some cycles to propagate through 
peripheral -> (VIC|AIC|EIC) -> Core it is very likely that you
are able to disable the interrupt source before the VIC could
evaluate the source => spurious interrupt.

BTW: It is not an ARM problem. Coldfire CPUs do have the same problem.


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series