DPRAM software interface to LPC2294

Started by connor_i March 17, 2006
Novice ARM7 developer seeks help/example code for interfacing 2 16 bit 
DPRAMs to LPC2294. 1 DPRAM is in read mode and other DPRAM is in write 
mode. Both DPRAMs left side interface to my processor, and right sides 
interface to another ARM processor. Dual 1-of-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer 
converts CS2, A14, and A15 from LPC2294 into separate CE and SEM 
signals for each DPRAMs. 

Hardware design provides for passing of common data between both 
processors. Application notes for DPRAM aren't helping. Not sure 
whether LPC's EMC is applicable to this design. Any suggestions 

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series