IAP doc/example error for result array size (LPC21xx) ?

Started by phmaresh4 March 30, 2006
All -

I've just joined this board to see if there's any info on IAP issues.
There seems to be ... a lot.

But one particular that I haven't seen mentioned explicitly in any
posts (that i could find) is that the "result" array you pass to the
iap function should probably be 3 words (12 bytes) rather than just 2
which is what I see in many of the examples. One of the forum users
did it right in their EEPROM example, but you have to look pretty

I believe that you won't have problems unless you use the "blank
check" functionality, which is the only operation which returns three
results - the status, the offending offset, and the offending data.

Just thought I would draw some attention to this for anyone running
into this problem and not having luck searching through the forum

Take care,

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