Second Stage Bootloader

Started by imacke76 May 23, 2006
Hello ,

I implemented a second stage bootloader in the first flash sector of
my Phillips LPC2294. The bootloader is able to update the flash by CAN
bus using IAP commands. The bootloader checks a signature and if this
is correct, it starts the program from the second flash sector. Before
starting the program in the second flash sector, interrupts are
disabled using the I-bit in the cpsr register. The bootloader then
loads the program counter with the start address from second flash sector.
In the second flash section, interrupts are re-mapped to ram. The ram
is re-organized.
Updating the second section with JTAG works fine. The Bootloader
checks the signature and is executing the code. Updating the second
section with my bootloader ist also working. But in some cases, the
code doesnt start executing. Comparing the uploaded code with the
dependent file says O.K.
Maybe, some registers has to be reinitialized!?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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