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Started by Juval I May 30, 2006
> Message 9
> From: "imacke76"
> Date: Tue May 23, 2006 0:33pm(PDT)
> Subject: Second Stage Bootloader
> Hello ,
> I implemented a second stage bootloader in the first flash sector of
> my Phillips LPC2294. The bootloader is able to update the flash by CAN
> bus using IAP commands. The bootloader checks a signature and if this
> is correct, it starts the program from the second flash sector. Before
> starting the program in the second flash sector, interrupts are
> disabled using the I-bit in the cpsr register. The bootloader then
> loads the program counter with the start address from second flash sector.
> In the second flash section, interrupts are re-mapped to ram. The ram
> is re-organized.
> Updating the second section with JTAG works fine. The Bootloader
> checks the signature and is executing the code. Updating the second
> section with my bootloader ist also working. But in some cases, the
> code doesnt start executing. Comparing the uploaded code with the
> dependent file says O.K.
> Maybe, some registers has to be reinitialized!?
> Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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> Hi
I'm doing somting alike but with a fail-safe methode
contact me of list and I might be able to help you


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