installing GNUARM in Ubuntu

Started by "Ezequiel L. Aceto" June 27, 2006

I have programmed arm7 in Windows, and now I'm moving to Linux Ubuntu.
I have installed eclipse and other tools, but not the GNUARM
toolchain, which I use to compile Philips LPC2000 MCU software.
I have download the binary of GCC-3.4 toolchain, and extract it to
/usr/share/gnuarm (binutils-2.15, gcc-3.4.3-c-c++-java, newlib-1.12.0,
insight-6.1, TAR BZ2 [56.0MB]). I also put there the headers that are
on the gnuarm page. After including the bin directory into the PATH, I
have compiled a simple program, and it compiled without errors. But
as I don't have my programmer here to test it, I would like to know if
with that steps that I made the installation of GNUARM was completed,
and the file that generated was ok for the arm7tdmi family.
Also I saw that there are new versions of newlib, how can I incorpore
those versions?
Are there more or newer headers file for ARM MCU than the ones in

Thanks very much,
Ezequiel L. Aceto

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