www.gnuarm.com undergoing a few changes

Started by Rick Collins July 1, 2006
The www.gnuarm.com website is undergoing some hosting changes. In the
course of changes some pages will be hosted at www.gnuarm.net. But
the main entry URL will still be www.gnuarm.com.

It will be better if the .net URLs are not bookmarked since they may
only be temporary. I know people like to bookmark internal web pages
at the site as I see page URLs posted here and elsewhere. But it is
better if you start at the main page www.gnuarm.com and click to the
page you need. You never need more than two clicks to get to any page
on the site. This will prevent broken links and confusion.

I just wanted to let you know in case anyone was confused by the
mixing of domains. www.gnuarm.com is not going down, it is just
undergoing some hosting changes.

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