FAT32 for embedded

Started by angelsp123 July 12, 2006
Well, I did also find another memory leak bug that was fixed in 0.2.7,
so if you are using that version you should be ok on that one too.

I have had the file corruption issue fixed by formatting the card as
well, but it was only temporary. Having a FAT32 file system does not
seem to entirely fix it. In my case, I was reading a file constantly
(every second) from beginning to end, with a rewind at the end to go
back to the beginning. The fix (so far) has been to close it, and
reopen it instead, so there may be some caching issue that is resolved
by using this method. Unfortunately, when the problem occurred, the
library code just hung, rather than returning an error.


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> > The bugs I have been able to identify and confirm I submitted
> > as bug reports to the sourceforge project, so look for the details
> > there.
> OK, its about appending to a file. I am not appending any
> file so need not
> worry.
> >
> > One that I haven't been able to nail down yet, is random file
> > corruption, even if not writing to the disk. This could be a
> Once or twice, The entire file system refuse to work (No
> write possible),
> but then every thing was OK, when MMC was formatted with PC.
> You are right, I need to update library.
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An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series

angelsp123 schrieb:

> The implementations that i look (freeDOS, eCos, Rtems) seem be too much
> complex for my application.
The company I work for (Sciopta) offers both a small RTOS + FAT
(12,16,32, long file name).

If you do not like an RTOS (though it is really small), look for
HCC Embedded. The provide a lot of filesystems.

> can somebody give me information about some free implementation more
> simple?

Oops. Free ? Sorry the above is not free, but you get direct support :-)