Re: LPC2000 UART drops characters silently?

Started by Leon Heller July 19, 2006
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Subject: [lpc2000] Re: LPC2000 UART drops characters silently?
> --- In l..., "John Heenan" wrote:
>> Thanks for sharing your results with us Brendan. Looks like we have
>> had another time wasting false alarm. I don't imagine you will
>> receive an apology or acknowledgment from Jaya, who appears to
> regard
>> anyone who does not engage in reckless opininated criticism of
>> Philips as having the habits of animals.
>> There was another false alarm over the UARTs and 'spurious
>> interrupts'.
>> A certain amount of care, attention to detail and lack of arrogance
>> towards Philips for enhancing their peripherals with useful
>> functionality would help.
>> From what I can remember about the UART, it simply cannot be
> treated
>> with the same reckless abandon as with other microcontrollers.
>> John Heenan
>> Thanks for your acknowledgement - at least someone read the report!
> I wouldn't be too hard on Jaya. I for one have learned two things:
> 1. LPC21xx UART seems to require 2 stop bits on the receive side.
> Although this is what I'd always assumed, apparently this isn't
> always the case with UARTs. I'd agree that the alternative (of
> being "one-stop-bit tolerant" on the receive side) would be a better
> approach. I've no idea how common this is though in UART designs.
> Some more information would be useful here.

I can't say I've ever used 2 stop bits with any MCU UART, although I
generally have most data going the other way into the PC with the
applications I've worked on, using standard 8n1 settings at both ends.


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