IAR JLink debugger

Started by Vincent Parrett August 15, 2006
Hi All

I'm new to embedded development and still trialling various compilers
etc. My target cpu is the 2148. I have two development boards, the IAR
kickstart board, which came with IAR and the J-Link-ARM-KS JTAG device.
I also have the Embedded Artists quickstart 2148 board and prototype
board. With IAR ew I can use both boards, however when using Rowley
CrossStudio, only the IAR board works with the jlink debugger. With the
embedded artists board I get an error "Received 0 as core Id. No
communication with core." The thing is I do see the board reset, so it's
partly working. I am using the jlinkarm.dll I downloaded from Segger,

So my question is, is the IAR supplied JLink tied to IAR's compiler or
boards in any way?


Vincent Parrett

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