Re: Linking Problem -Eclipse,cygwin,gnuarm,gcc

Started by "T.M. (Tom) Alldread" August 18, 2006

My compiler setup is now working and this is how my 'arm-elf-ld' command
line looks now:

arm-elf-ld -v -nostartfiles -Map -TQSG4_LD.cmd -o
QSG4main.out crt.o QSG4main.o -LT:/gnuarm/arm-elf/lib/ -lc

Note that my files are in drive 'T' thus you would need to change
'-LT:/gnuarm/arm-elf/lib/' to '-LC:/GCCFD/Gnuarm/arm-elf/lib'.

I noticed you appear to be using a different directory for your
library archives. On my system the 'include' directory is used for
header files. As I understand it the loader needs access to library
archive files (*.a) which contain re-locatable object code for the
library functions. Thus I think you probably need to change your
directory name from 'include' to 'lib' as I have shown above.

I also noticed a space before your 'arm-elf' directory name which is
probably just a typo but it may or may not make a difference as the
command line is very specific.

The most significant change I needed was to ensure the -lc command is
placed at the end of the command line after the '-o' statement file names.

A description of the ld commands can be found in the ld.html manual.

I hope this helps!

Very Best Regards,
Tom Alldread

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