Viewing SFR Contents with Eclipse/gdb?

Started by tmasyl September 8, 2006

I am trying to learn how to view the contents of the lpc2148 system
control and peripheral SFR (special function registers) via the JTAG
port with gdb.

It appears that I can read the contents of RAM and FLASH with the
"Window/Show View/Memory" Eclipse menu item. I also can view some SFR
addresses but for others I get a target bus error from gdb. For
example if I try to view the contents of register PLLCON at address
0xE01FC040 I get the following error:

"Memory Read CPU[1] @0xe01fbfe0, size 4, len 0xa8 Error : Target Bus

I noticed by using the examine command [x 0xE01FC040] from the gdb
prompt I am able to read the PLLCON register contents. This has led me
to believe the problem may be caused by the address range of the data
dump (apparently +/-512 from 0xE01FC040) which may be extending into
an unused address range. Is there an easy way to change this range
with an option in Eclipse?

In general I wonder if I am on the right track for efficiently viewing
the lpc2148 control/peripheral register contents? In comparison both
the PIC and AVR free development tools that I am used to list the SFR
registers by name in a very clear graphical manner. I wonder if I have
missed a similar feature for the lpc2xxx port of Eclipse/gdb? As the
memory address view method I am trying to use now seems relatively
awkward and error prone I hope there is a better way.

Many thanks in advance for any helpful tips!

Best Regards,
Tom Alldread

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series