Re: P1.24 of LPC2214 doesn't work

Started by Herbert Demmel October 11, 2006

sorry, I obviously was already too tired to see the obvious: it should be
(1 << 24) instead of (1 << 25)


>> I'm trying to use P1.24 of a LPC2214 as an output but the port pins
constantly remains at about 2.3V.

>> I'm using

>> IO1DIR |= (1 << 25);
>> IO1CLR = (1 << 25);

>> to pull the pin low (PINSEL2 bit 3 has the correct state, P1.20 is not
pulled low at reset). If I try to do the >> same with e.g. P1.16,
everything works as expected.

>> Any idea?


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series