Re: Virtual com port bootloader on Olimex LPC2148 board?

Started by Brian Schmalz November 8, 2006
I have the Olimex 2148 dev board with the SD connector. When I boot up
the board, some stuff comes over the USB com port about the SD

I'm trying to figure out what's on the board (default from Olimex). I
can't find the source code to what they ship on the board, nor any
directions on what features the code has, what it does, how to use it,
etc. etc.

Can anyone point me in a direction that will shed light on the code
that's shipped from Olimex on these boards?


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Subject: Re: [lpc2000] Virtual com port bootloader on Olime LPC2148

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Subject: [lpc2000] Virtual com port bootloader on Olime LPC2148 board?
> I wonder how to use the Olimex LPC2148 board - it only has USB
> connector and no RS232. A virtual com port based bootloader would be
> nice. I'm not considering JTAG.

If you connect this board to PC via USB, WinXP has default driver for
For others like win98, linux you will have to install driver for serial

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