LPC2xxx in automotive packages

Started by Rick Collins November 9, 2006
I am curious about which of the LPC2xxx parts are available in
automotive temps? I don't see that easily in the selection guide I
found at

I have a requirement for a low power MCU which I expect I can meet
with one of the LPC2xxx parts, but I need a very small package like
the QFN64 and it has to deal with storage temps down to -55C. The
data sheet for the LPC2132 says it is only rated for storage down to
-40C, but it depends on the package. Is the QFN package rated for
storage down to -55C?

I don't see a wide selection of parts in the QFN package. Will there
be any others soon? I actually have two designs, the other is a small
low power MCU that the LPC2101 would be perfect for if I could get it
in a smaller package. A 48 pin QFN would be great!

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series