LPC2148 UART0 vs. UART1

Started by Sutton Mehaffey February 8, 2007
I have been using UART1 for quite a while reading in raw sensor
values. It's worked very well. No problems.

Recently, I converted my sensor readings over to UART0, but I'm having
a little problem getting it to work properly. I thought it would be a
straight conversion, and it still looks like it should be.

I changed my troubleshooting to isolate the problem.

Running my code to utilize UART1 - when I connect a dumb terminal to
UART1 and send a char from the terminal, I get the proper RDA
interrupt (U1IIR = 0xC4), it goes thru the ISR once and waits for more

Running my code to utilize UART0 - when I connect the dumb terminal to
UART0, it initially waits for a char from the terminal, gets it,
enters the ISR, but continually gets interrupted forever after that
with a U0IIR of 0xC4 (RDA active all the time). It's like the
VICVectAddr = 0 isn't working right, but I know it's something else.

The ISR routines are exactly the same, except for U1 changing to U0.
I've double checked to be sure the code is identical except for that.

Am I missing something?


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