USB JTAG debugger from Olimex?

Started by ligfietser2003 February 25, 2007

browsing the internet I noticed the USB based ARM JTAG debugger
from Olimex. The thing
does almost exactly what I need: RS232 + JTAG + Power to my board and
this all with just one USB cable - whereas I now still need 3 cables

The wiggler cable is not good enough and now I was wondering if it's
worth the money to buy one of these USB cables.

Does anyone have any experience with this cable?
Is it as good as any other ft2232 interface (or maybe even better since
it allows for adaptive target voltage).

The website states it works with targets 2 - 5 Volts but have you ever
tried it with a 1.8 V jtag target (I need this in the near future)?
In the end the question is if I should spend the money on the Olimex box
or create one myself (maybe even using a DIP module from the FTDI shop
null&prodCategoryID=9&title=DLP2232M-G> ) that suits my needs?



An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series

I have one of these and it works very well.

There is one small issue, however. I found that whilst programming the
onchip flash using OpenOCD, the Olimex ARM-USB-OCD device didn't supply
enough 3.3 volt power and the flash operation failed. The addition of a
wall-wart supply solved the problem.

Jim Lynch