Re: LPC2114 UART1 works but UART0 does not

Started by Tom Walsh April 5, 2007 wrote:
> Hello all
> I'm starting a new project with the LPC2114. I just got the first
> prototype board and started to check out the hardware when I noticed
> the UART0 would cause the micro to jump to never never land after
> sending a few bytes. (< 100).
> I commented out my code that sets up the PLL & other memory speed
> devices. After doing this UART0 would send maybe 1000 bytes before it
> would fail. I also changed my 20MHz xtal to a 14.7MHz to see if that
> had any affect. It was the same, worked better with the pll off.
> This PCB is a two layer board with a good ground plane on the bottom
> of the board. All of my other designed with LPC part have had 4 layers
> and never had problems with them.

It is probably software related. I have an LPC2114 on two seperate
designs, both are two layer boards and I have no problems with them
(hardware related anyway ;-)


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