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Started by ashwin athani April 11, 2007
Assuming LPC2378 has two UART's, one more possibility could be that it is dumping to UART0 and you have the cable connected to UART1

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Tom Walsh wrote:
Raghunath Santhanam wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am new to LPC boards and I have a basic query
> I dont see any prints on the screen. I am using LPC 2378, Amontec JTAG
> and FlashMagic tool to flash the code
> I am able to give breakpoint, view local/global expressions
> but I dont see the printf statements that i have given in the code and
> I dont know where they are supposed to come.
> Can anyone help me in this regard

Printf would be handled by the runtime library that you are linking into
your code. Somewhere in that library, it should come down to a putch()
(or similarly named) function that emits the printf char to the
hardware. You need to locate that function and see where it is sending
the data. I suspect that since putch() (or putchar(), or putc()) is
highly dependant upon the hardware platform, you probably have an empty
lib function that you have to fill in, or write yourself.


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