Re: CrossWorks as debugger

Started by June 5, 2007
> I tried that option, but I don't know how to tell crossstudio
>> that I just want to debug. When creating the Externally Built
>> Executable project I cannot see any option to load my elf
>> file and then to debug it.
>1) File-> New-> New Blank Solution
>2) New project window pops up, in the left window select the chip you are
>using, in the right window select externally built executable.
>3) Click ok.
>4) Project setup window pops up in which you select the target processor AND
>the executable file you want to debug.
>Job done?
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Hi, thanks a lot, but job almost get done.

I tried to debug an .elf from WinARM, and after doing "Build and debug" or "build and run" a window pops up with the text:

unsupported DW_AT_frame base type

and does that everytime a do F10 or F11.

Is it because of the GNU compiler?? Do I need to set some option when building the .elf?? Thanks =)

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