Re: lpc2378 GPIO Interrupt

Started by June 15, 2007
> I am a newbie to nxp and embedded programming in general. I have a
>lpc2378 with the mcb2300 dev board. I need to find out how to get gpio
>interrupts working. I can get the 4 external interrupts thats connected
>to p2.10..13 working. I have read that you can have any of the pins in
>PO or P2 as a gpio. I need upto 10 inputs for my program. I would
>greatly appreciate if anyone can point me to a good starting doc or
>post that I can get an idea of how to set up a gpio interrupt. Thanks
>in advance.

Actually its the same procedure as any other interrupt: first u have to enable falling or rising edge interrupt or both (IOxIntEnF or IOxIntEnR), then u have to set up the VIC settings (priority, VectAddr, ...)

cheers, R

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