Debugging LPC2119 with OpenOCD seems to activate ETM

Started by Hussam Al-Hertani June 20, 2007
Hi there. I'm still new to the LPC devices and possess little
experience with them. I have the LPC2119 board (w/ arm stamp) from
futurlec. Downloading via bootloader to this board was a breeze and i
found it very easy to work with.....and cheap ($25 for the stamp and
another 20 for the dev board).

I also bought an olimex's tiny Debugger and got it to work with the
LPC2119 with OpenOCD. However this seems to activate the ETM on this
device rendering pins 0.16-0.25 unusable. Any advice on how (if
possible) one could debug using only JTAG and not ETM?


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series