Re: Anyone want to help start an open-source LPC2xxx hardware library for GCC?

Started by Laurie Gellatly July 19, 2007
Hi Robert,
Maybe Ii'm a bit off track, but what about using some of the heahers from
They seem to cater for the variations in hardware between processors in a
reasonable fashion.
Might save you re-inventing the wheel.

Cheers ...Laurie:{)

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At 04:38 AM 7/16/2007 +0000, Neil Jansen wrote:
> > Have a look at newlib_lpc.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > It may already satisfy some of your requirements. Check with Robert
> > he wants to move it to a different development source.
>Looks interesting, but seems to be headed in a slightly different
>direction... Seems to be a newlib port to the LPC2000, which is great
>for standard functions (string functions, memory, time/date, etc)...

Just the I/O. Most of newlib is sufficiently portable already.
provides the basic I/O, a driver structure and some low level support
PLL, MAM, time and interrupt functions useful to support or supplement
newlib. I'm starting to build up a set of device drivers for various

When I started there were no standard header files so I ended up making
own. I haven't expanded to many variations.

The support does seem to be a little higher level of abstraction than
you are talking about though.

Another sign of the end of civilization, our technical magazines are
getting chatty
From an EETimes product descriptions 2006/08/09
".... systems that can sample gobs of inputs simultaneously"
Now just what is the technical definition for gobs again?

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