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Started by somboon sopee August 6, 2007

> > Because from my understanding an N-Link is a U-Link
> > So, there's no possibility to integrate into OpenOCD.
> I don't understand this. With wiggler it was no problem too, why
> schould it be for N/U-LINK?

Because it uses a proprietary comms mechanism and Keil only provide an RDI
interface IIRC. Hence, there is zero possibility of hooking it into

> > You pays your money...
> much more of our money :-(
> As I understood JTAG was made to make one standard interface but
> there isn't really one available. Even TCP/IP-based OCD isn't
> compatible with all the tools.
> But as I read you go ahead with the support of Olimex-Tool. I think
> this is the right way to do.

4-wire JTAG is standard except that when implemented by CPU vendors
non-standard features creep in (e.g. RTCK). There is no standard JTAG
connector because each and every JTAG header features extra pins for other
fluff. Hence there's a good reason to make a single-function device which
reduces production costs.

However, I have written a STAPL interpreter (i.e. it parses and runs STAPL
files) which runs with a CrossConnect or FTDI devices. You can use this to
program things other than ARMs.

-- Paul.

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