LPC2294 UART0 (interrupt driven) ARTXv2.0

Started by bahadir_armagan August 8, 2007
Hi All,
I'm running ARTX kernel and I want to use UART0 to send some data.
When I call putchar() it sends the first char and system hangs. U0IIR
says interrupt pending (bit0=0) and this is THRE interrupt
(U0IIR=0xC2). Program does not executes after calling putchar().
Please help,
Here is the init, putchar and interrupt vector from serial.c (It was
originally for UART1 and I modified it to use UART0.)

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series

Device never does get into the interrupt vector. I think THRE
interrupt is not working. I don't know why.. please help
I haven't used LPC2294, but, IIRC the user manual for LPC2148 and
LPC2368 says that there have to have been atleast two characters in
the TX FIFO since the last THRE interrupt or after reset, otherwise
the THRE interrupt won't occur. Perhaps that is the problem?