5V tollerant, LPC2119

Started by digtalfreak July 12, 2004
I have read that the LPC2119 has 5V tolerant I/O Pins.
But the datasheet is confusing me a little bit about the maximum input
and output current of the I/O Pins.
Is it 3 uA? What is the meant with "Pull-Down Current" at Vi=5V, min
10, typ. 50 and max 150 uA?

I have to design a Layout with the specification that I/O's have to
provide 5V and can be used as Input or Output. I thought about pulling
up the Pins, but what will happen if the Pin is configured to be
Output and is High. Will the 5V then take influence on the 3,3V?

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series