Re: Writing to a memory location with GNU -ARM compiler.

Started by " Info" October 4, 2007
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> Hello Group,
> I am using GNU compiler for my LPC2136 & want to write a byte
> on some memory location.Previously I used the Real View
> Compiler for KEIL & there was a inbuilt command
> _wbyte(location,char) for writng the same.There is another
> command _at address for writing to a memory location.But when
> I use this command in GNU compiler,both of these command are
> not recognized & the program is not getting compiled.Can
> anyone tell me what should I do to write a byte to desired
> memory location.
Am I missing the point here, or are you just asking how to use a pointer?
This is not compiler specific.

/* Delcare a pointer to the address 0x1234 */
char *c = 0x1234;

/* Write 5 to the address 0x1234. */
*c = 5;

Or are you trying to write to some kind of protected area?
> This routine should compile with GNU compiler
> & should obiviously in C.

Obviously, just like using _at.


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