Re: FLASH programing of LPC 2378

Started by jdauchot October 6, 2007

Have you tried the Phillips/NXP LPC2000 Flash Utility V2.2.3 its free
to download. Just search in google of a site near you.

As far as write data in flash while code is running in the flash is
more tricky. One way of doing this is to run the code in ram and just
refer to the manual to find out how to write data to the flash


--- In l..., "Bhaskar Paul" wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am very new to ARM/NXP23xx boards and learning. I want to have
> information on how to program its Flash. If this type of question
has been
> previously discussed, then please send the reference.
> I am using NXPs LPC2378 Kickstart board (of IAR) and IAR Workbench
> compile and download an application. This works fine, but I would
like to
> compile and download an application without using IAR workbench.
Just after
> creating a binary, download it some how and execute it. I have a
> interface and no serial cable for this board. Can anybody tell me
how to do
> this?
> I think what I am asking about is writing data in FLASH. If so, how
to do
> that?
> Shall be waiting for the response.
> Regards
> Bhaskar
> Lead Engineer, HCL, Noida

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series