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Hi Guys
I think he gets the message.
In retrospect we are all here to learn and if anybody ask a silly question just ignore it and lets carry one with our lives.

>Hi Guillaume,
>depends on the application you want to make. IMHO eCos is a little bit over>sized for small embedded systems.
>I have evaluated FreeRTOS and the CTL-Tools from Rowleys (it's a part of th>e Cross-Studio IDE)on an LPC2292-System.
>Both are really good for small embedded systems and are easy to use.
>CTL is a set of tasking functions and you can configure your own OS really >easy but you can use it only with CrossStudio.
>FreeRTOS is more powerful and have more functionality like TCP/IP-Stack and> so on and has a good and active community
>eCos is a complete embedded OS and you can size it relativly easy but has t>he biggest footprint of the three.
>Because we use the LPC2292 mainly for hardware control and CAN-Bus communic>ation, we use the CTL-library with good experience.
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>Hello everybody,
>I m looking for OS with LPC2292-94.
>Do you have some suggestions for have good choice?
>What do you think about eCos?
>I m looking for different experience....
>Thank u

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